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Project Assesment

Overall Score

Budget 95%
Planning 100%
Execution 90%
User Testing 95%
Flexibility 100%
Management 90%
Heuristic Score 78%
Client Feedback 100%

Let’s make sense of the graph above before we proceed. I know you may not be a big fan of reading but this can help save you from having a missed understanding. A missed understanding can affect how well you can make sense of how well this project was executed. The Budget score is an assessment of whether the UX project sufficiently funded to meet the clients requirements by taking into account which percentage was either over-estimated or under-estimated to create a score out of 100%. A perfect score means that the compensation perfecetly matched the tasks. The Planning score is based on whether planning tools like Roadmaps were created, whether a project tracking tool was implemented and if project issues were pre-planned on how to solve them like scope creep, etc. 

A perfect Planning score means planning was excellent. The Execution score is a ratio of tasks that were successfully completed vs those that were not. The User Testing score is based off whether testing was done at all, the sample size and what the score was. The Flexibility score is a measure of how well both the design team and the client where towards changing needs of the project. The Management score is based off how well the project was handled by the design team in our roles in terms of laying out clear expectations, communication and adherence to project goals. The Hueristic Analysis Score is an aggregation of how well a project scored in terms of a predetermined set of rules found here here courtesy of Nielsen Norman Group. Client Feedback is based off what the approval rating from them was during the project and after its completion. 

List of Tasks
  • 01Start
  • 02Project Roadmap
  • 03Client Interview
  • 04Product Definition
  • 05Competitor Analysis
  • 06User Journey
  • 07Sitemap
  • 08Work Flow
  • 09Wireframes
  • 10Mockups
  • 11A/B Testing
  • 12Prototyping
  • 13Heuristic Analysis
  • 14Recommendations
  • 15Design Documentation
  • 16Handover

This product roadmap is used as a strategic guideline for high-level planning and will used to track the projects.

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